Aloysius Patrimonio is a freelance product and graphic designer, illustrator, and artist. He has a degree in Product Design from UNITEC New Zealand. He has worked on various product, graphic, packaging, branding, logo and illustration projects to a range of industries and companies since 2002. He has a home-based studio in Auckland, New Zealand.

Aloysius has a varied portfolio that manifest a passion for retro styled 1940s graphic art style. His style take inspiration from American WPA posters, comic books, woodcut and lino prints. Each of his fine artwork are pencil sketched then scanned and traced in Macromedia Freehand. Using digital media tools enable him to be prolific and gives him the ability to produce work for different purposes, including book covers, editorials, advertising, greeting cards and t-shirt designs.

Aside from commercial projects, he creates illustrations for sale as royalty free stock images in major online stock agencies. He is always interested in doing commissioned work. Please don’t hesitate to send him a message here at the “Contact” page.